October 1, 2022
How to seduce a man

How to seduce a man: the best 11 ways

Every woman has asked herself this question at least once in her life: “How to seduce a man”. But by “seduce” they mean different things: either a girl simply wants to diversify her sex life, or she has already imagined what a wedding with a particular man will look like.

In the first case, everything is quite simple and obvious. Men always pay attention to a provocative appearance: short skirt, frank neckline, accent make-up.

Here are the tips that are used in female pick-up:

1. Eye contact

Linger your gaze on the man, and when he notices, look away sharply to the other side. Look up at him – this visual gesture shows that you like the candidate and that you don’t mind getting to know him better.

2. Dance

Ask a man to dance, but don’t be overly frank. Your hot breath sliding over his skin will drive him crazy.

3. Beautiful lingerie

Men like red and black lace underwear best. White is also a favourite, but only on a perfectly groomed body. White lingerie tends to accentuate any flaws and imperfections in the skin.

4. Erotic Photo and Correspondence

Send him an erotic photo in a sexy outfit. Hint in the messages that you would like to get to know the man better. Alternatively, if you’re lonely this evening and all alone, that’s also a good option if you’re not interested in a man for the long term.

Photos and correspondence

The opposite is worth doing if you are really interested in him, but for whatever reason you still haven’t moved on to the desired stage of the relationship.

1. Show initiative

Create a context in which you get to know him. For example, you know that he goes in every day for a cappuccino at this coffee shop. Go there “casually” at the same time as he does. If you already know each other, he will be pleasantly surprised to meet a familiar face in a pleasant environment. If you don’t already know each other, start a conversation by asking for the time or asking for help, for example. When he or she responds with the desired gesture of politeness, say: “Thank you. Do you come here often?”. This will start the conversation and indicate that you have a common interest.

2. Write to him first

Catch on to some reason. For example, the same coffee shop is having a discount today – tell him the good news! If he keeps the conversation going, it means he’s interested in you. In any case, the non-binding message does not make you look bad. At this stage you are just “testing the waters”.

Write to him first

3. Be genuine and friendly

Books and women’s training books tell us that men like “snow queens” – unapproachable, cold and rejecting. Of course, there are a percentage of men who do, but they are more like emotional masochists. Just answer the question for yourself, “Who would like to be constantly repulsed and treated like the most insignificant creature in this universe?” Ask men and they will tell you that many of them have fallen in love with girls they are just friends with. That being said, observe the boundaries of your friendliness. Don’t go running to him every time if he texts in the middle of the night saying he wants to see you. Don’t forget your pride and self-respect either.

4. Give him compliments

Men like compliments as much as women. Ask him for advice on something and then compliment him. At this point, men usually feel a strong surge of energy and confidence, and they spread their shoulders.
Here are phrases that a man will definitely appreciate:

“Thank you for making me feel special.”
“You make me feel like I’m not afraid of anything.”
“You make my day better, thank you.”


5. Touch a man

Imagine taking a walk together or meeting by chance. A casual touch with your hand may be the first step towards the manifestation of the desired action from the desired man. Perhaps you see a thread on his shirt – remove it without asking his permission. This is just a little boldness on your part for his further initiative.

6. Appearance

If we want someone to like us, our visual component plays a huge role. As a rule, men like women with very short hair or, on the contrary, with long hair. There is a perception that such girls are more willing to experiment in bed. Don’t dress too provocatively. Accentuate the beauty of your body, but leave the “to think about” part. Let the mystery remain. Men prefer naturalness in make-up. But, who better than the girls themselves, know that natural makeup is also worth the effort. What men call natural make-up simply means not putting on red lipstick and shiny arrows when you go to the nearest supermarket at two in the afternoon.

7. Find common interests with a man

Look at his social networks, what music he listens to, what films he watches, what he likes to do in his spare time. This will give you an idea at the start whether this person is suitable for you at all. If you’re happy with everything, you’ve already got something to talk about. Is he into technology? Tell him that you were recently at an exhibition where they showed new technological devices for the home, share your impressions of the presentation of Elon Musk, etc. Does he like Italian food? Bingo! You love making white wine pasta on Fridays, don’t you! However, remember that it really has to be. If it turns out later that you actually prefer watching melodramas and eating hinkali to flying Elon Musk into space and Friday carbonara, the man will obviously feel cheated, which is not good for your relationship at all.



Choosing a partner is a mutual process. Remember that it is not just you who chooses, but also you. Psychologists say that we subconsciously choose a partner who resembles one of our parents. If you have heard that you are doing something like his mother, you already have a better chance of becoming a complete couple. He felt something similar, a scenario he was already living. If you like everything – we wish you nothing but love and prosperity together. If not, you shouldn’t waste minutes of your life on someone who is at odds with you on basic life criteria.

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