October 1, 2022


Q: Is this that thing I heard about on Fox News?
A: Yep! 2013 was Sex Week’s first year, and our state legislators (mostly the infamous Stacey Campfield) didn’t like students engaging in open discussion about mature topics like sex and sexuality. They pulled $11,000 of our funding, but with student and community support, we raised it all back and went on as planned! We are back for our third exciting year!

Q: So, what is Sex Week actually about?
A: Sex Week is a whole week of student activities that our student organization called SEAT puts on during the spring semester. Sex Week 2015 will be held April 6-11. Our goal is to create a safe space where students can openly engage in comprehensive and academically informed discussion about all things related to sex, sexuality, relationships, and gender. Basically, we want to educate, because this stuff is important!

Q: What if I’m abstinent or asexual? Does Sex Week encourage me to have sex?
A: Absolutely not. Sex Week is all about creating a safe space for everyone, regardless of personal beliefs, values, or sexual orientation. Issues surrounding sex, relationships, and gender are relevant to everyone, whether you’re having sex now, later, or not at all. We have specific events that cover topics like abstinence and virginity, religion and sexuality, and asexuality. Our goal is to have something for everyone!