Sex Week 2018 runs from April 6 through April 12. The full event names and more information can be found below.

Sex Week UT 2018 Flier. 

Friday, April 6:

  • Send Nudes 😉 Art Gallery, The Birdhouse
    • We’ve all gotten that 2 am text from a contact listed only in your phone as “GUY FROM BAR; MAYBE TOM???” That’s not always a pleasant experience, but we promise this sexy ‘n fun art show will be. Come for an artistic take on sexual expression in the post-Snapchat era; stay for the snacks.

Sunday, April 8:

  • 11am – 2pm- Sex Week Carnival, HSS Amphitheatre
    • Cum one, cum all, to the Sex Week Carnival! Join us to kick off the week that “makes Mardi Gras on Beale Street look like a Sunday School picnic,”* mingle with dazzling drag queens and fabulous circus performers, and be dazzled by our three-Nuva-ring circus. Show off your skills at sex trivia! Try your hand at the Condom Relay Races! Test your knowledge at the Lube Taste Test! Winning games gets you tickets, and tickets get you prizes like sex toys!
  • 4:30pm & 8:00pm- Sex Week Cabaret, Carousel Theatre
    • Last year the line wrapped ‘round the campus to get in, so this year we have not one but TWO shows for your viewing pleasure. If you like sultry ballads, steamy dances, and sexy voices, you’ll loooooooove our Cabaret, featuring UT’s own Boss Dance Company and some of our very best crooners.

Monday, April 9:

  • 1:30pm- Queer History in Cinema, McClung 1210
    • Moonlight and Love, Simon are recent stand-outs of American queer movies; but what about the rest of history? Join Dr. Sacco for the rollercoaster that is tracking down the wheres, whens, and whos of queer pop culture, behind and in front of the lens.
  • 2:30pm- Gender Smackdown, McClung 1210
    • Sure, gender can be a social construct, but what does that mean? How does it change our lives? Join Dr. Sacco from History and Dr. Lee from Psychology to explore the complexities of science and social lives, nature and nurture; is it either-or? Can it be both? Is it anything at all?
  • 3:30pm- Queer Theory 101, HSS 71
    • Wikipedia says queer theory “focuses on mismatches between sex, gender and desire.” Shmoop says it asks “who am I really?” That website OWL you use sometimes to try to fix your citations says it’s about “issues of sexuality, power, and marginalized populations.” But what does any of that mean? Come have it explained to you by the English department’s Dr. Gerard Cohen-Vrignaud and Dr. Liliana Gonzalez!
  • 5:30pm- Trans Convo Starter Pack, AMB 27
    • Bear asks the questions that trans people constantly get asked – and then turns them inside out and upside down, showing what’s behind them (and how they perpetuate certain myths) on his way to helping audiences gain some real understanding of what trans lives and experiences are all about. A funny, fast-paced, participatory hour, Trans Convo Starter Pack sends students away knowing surprisingly much more about trans people, considering how much they laughed.
  • 7pm- Trans Sex Positivity, AMB 27
    • The process of de-sexualizing trans people in order to make us respectable and non- threatening is nearly complete – but where does that leave us (besides sitting bolt upright and fully dressed with all four feet on the floor)? An exploration of the social and sexual norms imposed upon the trans* community, what happens to those who break them, why we love to hate them (and hate to love them), and what sexual orientation means to someone whose gender is a subject of debate.

Tuesday, April 10:

  • 1pm- (S)exploration Destination: France, Hodges Lib. 213
    • If all you know about sexy French is “voulez-vous coucher avec moi,” join Dr. Mary McAlpin, author of Female Sexuality and Cultural Degradation in Enlightenment France, in immersing yourself in a discussion and experience of the French cultural climate with regard to sex, sexuality, and gender. Traditional French food will also be included.
  • 2:15pm- History of Erotic Art, Art and Arch. 103
    • Ever wondered why Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings are so striking? Art professor Dr. Aurelia D’Antonio’s discussion will explore how artists have depicted the erotic throughout history and why those pieces are so memorable.
  • 2:30pm- Like a Virgin: Abstinence and & Virginity, Art and Arch. 111
    • We all know the Vol Card is the other v-card, so come and explore what virginity means historically and today, from the ambiguity and the gendered definition to what prescribed set of sexual behaviors lead to checking the box on “losing” or “keeping” your virginity. Knoxville Planned Parenthood’s Tory Mills will also discuss what abstinence means and what it looks like from a religious, secular, and medical viewpoint.
  • 4pm- Reproductive Justice 101, AMB 32
    • Join Jakiera Stewart from Memphis-based organization Sister Reach to learn what reproductive justice is all about and what resources are available to you here in Tennessee.
  • 6pm- CSI: My Period, AMB 32
    • We’ve all had those periods that feel like a crime scene. Join Jakiera Stewart from Memphis-based reproductive justice organization Sister Reach for a discussion about menstruation and sexual health, where you can ask questions and learn more about the process that monthly wrecks your uterus.
  • 7:30pm- Masturbation Nation, AMB 27
    • Join Dalychia Saah and Rafaella Smith-Fiallo from sex education group Afrosexology for a discussion of self-pleasure and masturbation. This event will cover the importance of positive body image and how to interact with your body in a physically and emotionally healthy manner.

Wednesday, April 11:

  • 1:30m- Tinder and Tea, Strong Hall 104
    • If you’ve ever wondered why no one was swiping right on your Tinder profile, this workshop will help you build the perfect dating app experience for you. Join UT Alum Summer Awad for a cup of tea and a discussion about how to optimize your Tinder profile as well as safety, establishing consent, and how to discuss desires on social media and popular online dating apps.
  • 2:30pm- Your Vulva and You, Art and Arch. 111
    • This peer-led educational session will cover everything you need to know about sexual health for vagina-owners, providing a space to ask questions and learn how to take care of your vulva.
  • 3:30pm- Your Penis and You, Art and Arch. 111
    • This peer-led educational session will cover everything you need to know about sexual health for penis-owners, providing a space to ask questions and learn how to take care of your penis.
  • 3:30pm- #MeToo, HSS 69
    • From Tarana Burke to the Golden Globes, everybody and their mother is talking about #MeToo. This event led by Dr. Nora Berenstain will cover the history of this movement and what we can do to remedy the toxic culture that forced it into existence.
  • 4:30pm- Religion & Sexuality, Lindsey Young Auditorium
    • A Sex Week staple: representatives from a multitude of faiths – ranging from Christianity to Islam to Wicca – will be on a panel to discuss how sex and sexuality is related to their various faiths. The panel will be moderated and will allow for questions that the audience can pose to the religious figures present.
  • 6pm- Black Liberation through Sexual Power, Lindsey Young Auditorium
    • Liberation takes many forms, and this event seeks to center marginalized interests. Headed by members of afrosexology, this lecture will articulate how sexuality and pleasure has been a facet of humanity Black people have historically been denied and will explore what sexual liberation for Black people looks like in the context of and opposition of an anti-black world.
  • 8pm- Butt Stuff 2.0: The Pegging, AMB 32
    • Pegging is a sexual practice that’s slowly gaining prominence in the cultural eye. This event will attempt to clarify how to safely and healthily engage in the act, as well as demystify any misconceptions regarding anal sex. Dr. Lindsey Doe from Youtube’s Sexplanations will be leading the event and will address many facets of the subject, ranging from different positions to try and appropriate preparation tactics.

Thursday, April 12:

  • 1pm- Science of Abortion, Nursing 107
    • Often times, birth control is a subject that is met with a lot of confusion when brought up, specifically confusion related to how it works. This talk will discuss birth control in a comprehensive way that conveys how the science and mechanics of various forms of birth control.
  • 2:15pm- Feminist Geek Icons, McClung 1210
    • Feminism and geek culture is widely believed to be mutually exclusive concepts; however, this event will identify and discuss various figures in geek culture who exemplify feminism and gender equity. Ranging from Princess Leia to Storm, a myriad of characters from many different works will be the subject of focus during the talk led by Dr. Katie Kleinkopf.
  • 3:30pm- Law Panel: Reproductive (In)Justice, Lindsey Young Auditorium
    • A highly politicized issue like reproductive justice is also very deeply connected to the legal system. With this law panel, there will be a discussion of how reproductive justice intersects with other forms of oppression within the context of the law.
  • 5:30pm- Toys R Sex, AMB 210
    • Everyone loves to play with toys! Sexplanation’s Dr. Lindsey Doe will be talking about how to better incorporate sex toys into your sex life. Whether you’re with a partner or flying solo, sex toys can better maximize your experience, and Dr. Doe will provide information on how to properly utilize them in the safest and healthiest ways.
  • 7:30pm- Sucking D & Licking P, AMB 210
    • How’s your head? Sexplanation’s Dr. Lindsey Doe will be presenting this talk on having oral sex with different kinds of genitalia. Come learn about healthy and titillating ways to satisfy your partner and make some jaws drop!
  • 9pm- Sex Week Drag Show, AMB Cox Auditorium
    • Condragulations, you are welcome to come enjoy our annual Sex Week Drag Show! Be prepared for a night of charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent as our performers lip sync for their lives. And remember: you better werk (so you can have money to tip)!