December 28, 2021

How Many Inches Can a Woman Feel?

How Many Inches Can a Girl Take?

There are many men out there that have been complaining because they feel that their partner isn’t getting satisfied when it comes to their size. However, size isn’t always something that matters – it’s also the swim of the fish BTW. Either way, there is an age old question out there, and that’s how many inches of a man can a woman feel? We’re going to cover this as much as possible, but there are things that a man needs to know in order when it comes to pleasing their women aside from just how many inches they are.

The Special Spot

Believe it or not, the special and mysterious spot inside of a woman’s inner thighs is actually only about 2 inches from her vulva. That being said, there are numerous things that a man can do in order to find it. The trouble is, is that women can take something inside of them on an average of about 6 inches long in terms of a man’s anatomy, but they of course can stretch inside their bodies so they can accommodate to fit their partners.

Many people have often had mean things to say about this to women, such as that they’re “loose” if they can do this, but that is not true either. Women heal much faster than men down there, and just because they have stretched does not mean that their bodies don’t bounce back down to the smaller size. There are men out there who are trying to please their women, but they fail to hit their partner’s sensitive spot inside or them, or they are neglectful of the other areas of her body. And believe it or not, some women get more pleasure when a man hits the top wall inside of her, while others may have a special spot inside the bottom wall.

Can Women Get Erect?

The truth is, yes, just like men can get erect, a woman’s clitoris can get erect too. Her inside vaginal wall can become erect too, and often this is a sure sign that she’s about to have a true orgasm. Does this mean that they are necessarily going to have the same thing happen to them as a man? No. But if a man doesn’t make his woman feel this experience, then she may not ever “get off” so to speak. If you’re less than 6 inches long, this doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to please your partner either. It just means that you’re not doing it right. If you want to do that, then you need to accommodate their needs, and make up for the lack of your penis size.

There’s More To the Magic

When it comes to making love to your partner, it should be a tantric experience at all times. There are times when you may make her not feel like it is, and therefore, you’ll find that your girlfriend or wife may not seem like she’s satisfied. But don’t take this to heart. This means that you’re not accommodating everything else, as we said above. She needs to be able to feel connected to you in order to fully enjoy the experience, and women are much different than men, even when it comes to having sex. Because they are more emotionally connected, it is important to cater to this need. If you’re trying, but you aren’t quite doing the job, this can be problematic, and many men may get frustrated in themselves – thinking that their size is what’s causing the problem.

The truth is, you need to make sure your partner feels wanted, and that they enjoy having sex with you. There may be times when a woman wants to just be loved and touched, and foreplay can be skipped – but many times you’re going to want to include that in the mix if you’re worried about your size in the whole situation. Why is that? Because this heats her up and gets her ready for the ultimate pleasureful experience that only you can give her if you and her are emotionally connected. Sex with a loved one isn’t just a physical experience, and the men who often complain about it with their wives and partners simply don’t realize that this is what it takes.

How Deep Is It?

This is more of a “how many inches” can a woman take question as well. The inside of a woman is approximately the length of a man’s hand. Of course, as stated, this can be extended during certain situations in life, such as when a woman is in labor or even during sexual intercourse with their partner. Because of this, you need to take into account not necessarily how long your Johnson is.

The age old question in play is that inside of a woman, her cervix is approximately up to 5 inches inside of her vaginal walls, which is the average size of an erect man. If you’re shorter than that, you may be able to do certain things that can cater to your partner to ensure that she’s completely turned on and her cervix and upper is more protracted. During labor, a woman’s body can stretch a lot longer than that, so if you’re one of those guys who is a long john, then you need to know that while you may not be able to insert yourself into your partner completely – you’re still doing it wrong. A woman’s body is meant to adapt to a man’s, and therefore, if she’s not aroused enough, this can mean that her body isn’t relaxed enough for you.


This is one of the topics that is very popular among men who have problems with their size, but the truth of the matter is that it’s not the size of the fish, but the swim of it. Therefore, you may need to train yourself in other ways in order to accommodate to a woman’s body, so that way you and her can be in the same tantric connection that you should be in during intercourse, and even foreplay.

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