October 1, 2022


Sex Week 2017 runs from April 2 through April 7. The full event names and more information can be found below. Check out our Facebook event for the most updated information.

Sunday, April 2:

  • 2pm- Sex Week Carnival, HSS Amphitheatre
    • It’s like the county fair, but much sexier.
  • 6pm- International Aphrodisiacs Cooking Workshop, I-House Great Room
    • Come learn more about sexy foods from around the world from the folks who know them best, and maybe try a few samples while you’re at it.
  • 8:30pm- Sex Week Cabaret, Carousel Theatre
    • Be sure to come out to the second annual Sex Week Cabaret, a night of sensual, silly, and sultry acts performed by The Dirty Dozen, as well as featured dancers from UT’s very own Boss Dance Company.

Monday, April 3:

  • 12-1pm- I Can’t Keep Quiet, Tyson House and Hodges Library North Commons
    • Come start off Sex Week by making a joyful noise and singing “I Can’t Keep Quiet” with a mass choir in Hodges Library. We will meet at Tyson House, 824 Melrose Place at noon on Monday, April 3 to learn the song. We will supply you with the score and the lyrics, and you’ll be able to learn it there. Then, we’ll walk together up the hill to Hodges Library and sing in front of the North commons area at 1:00. We’ll get you back to your day just after one, feeling empowered and reminded that we are strong together. If you can come, please RSVP “yes” to [email protected]ail.com so we can keep track of how much music to print, then be in the Tyson House Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry building by noon on April 3 so we can learn/review and be ready to sing. All voices, genders, and bodies welcome!
  • 2pm- Stripping Away Female Sexuality, I-House Community Room
    • This discussion will offer a reconstruction of the gendered structure of stripping, aiming to radically expand social views on strippers. Beginning with a presentation on the historical construction of stripping and strippers, including how labeling has been used as a form of control, this event will finish with a group dialogue around reconstructing the practice of stripping in the US.
  • 3:30pm- Crossroads: Identities Within Feminism, HSS 218
    • This primer on intersectional feminism will be led by Dr. Nora Berenstain.
  • 4:30pm- Gender EXPOSED: Gender 101, HSS 218
    • This primer on gender theory will be led by Dr. Misty Anderson.
  • 6pm- Liberate Me: Intersextionality, AMB 210
    • Guest speaker Ignacio Rivera will help us explore intersectional sexual liberation and why addressing gender, sex, race, and class oppression is an important part of sex-positivity. ***This event counts as a Becker Seminar for the Chancellor’s Honors Program***
  • 8pm- all of me, AMB 32
    • This piece by guest artist Ignacio Rivera is a mosaic performance art piece that explores identity, history, and life experience.

Tuesday, April 4:

  • 10am- Leveraging Privilege for Reproductive Health, Toyota Auditorium
    • This event, led by several local reproductive health advocates, will discuss how to address issues of reproductive health and intersectional feminism for our new era by leveraging our privilege. Our speakers will help illustrate the importance of recognizing environment, class, race, and other factors within the context of reproductive health and reproductive rights advocacy.
  • 11:30am- Abortion in TN, HSS 53A
    • Led by a local reproductive health advocate, this event will explore abortion in the Tennessee context, including its political and social factors.
  • 12:30pm- My Body, My Boundaries: Virginity, I-House Great Room
    • This event will explore virginity, both as a social construction and in its personal meanings, through a sex-positive lens with a focus on owning one’s sexual choices.
  • 3:30pm- Positively Positive: Loving, Living, and Thriving With An STI, Toyota Auditorium
    • This event, led by guest speaker Ashley Manta, will give students the tools to negotiate healthy, consensual, and pleasurable relationships when diagnosed with an STI. Enjoy a late lunch and join us for this difficult, but important conversation.
  • 5pm- Religion and Sexuality, AMB 210
    • An annual favorite, this year’s Religion and Sexuality panel will feature spiritual leaders from many faiths and denominations to explore how religion plays a role in sex, sexuality, and gender and vice versa.
  • 6:30pm- Having An Affair With Yourself, AMB 32
    • Led by guest speaker Ashley Manta, this powerful workshop and body confidence boot camp will give students the tools to feel emotionally, socially, and sexually empowered in their own bodies and experiences.
  • 8pm- Sex Educator Showdown, AMB 210
    • Sex Week at UT is thrilled to be bringing back not one, but two Sex Week veterans. Guest speakers Allison Moon and Reid Mihalko will be throwing it down in this no-holds-barred event, providing students with all the tips and tricks for pursuing healthy and pleasurable relationships that you could ever want.