Check out the events below to learn more about what happened during Sex Week 2017, and stay tuned to this page in early 2018 to find out more about Sex Week 2018, April 9-13!

Sex Week 2017 ran from April 2 through April 7. The full event names and more information can be found below. Check out our Facebook event for even more event information.

Sunday, April 2:

  • 2pm- Sex Week Carnival, HSS Amphitheatre
    • It’s like the county fair, but much sexier.
  • 6pm- International Aphrodisiacs Cooking Workshop, I-House Great Room
    • Come learn more about sexy foods from around the world from the folks who know them best, and maybe try a few samples while you’re at it.
  • 8:30pm- Sex Week Cabaret, Carousel Theatre
    • Be sure to come out to the second annual Sex Week Cabaret, a night of sensual, silly, and sultry acts performed by The Dirty Dozen, as well as featured dancers from UT’s very own Boss Dance Company.

Monday, April 3:

  • 12-1pm- I Can’t Keep Quiet, Tyson House and Hodges Library North Commons
    • Come start off Sex Week by making a joyful noise and singing “I Can’t Keep Quiet” with a mass choir in Hodges Library. We will meet at Tyson House, 824 Melrose Place at noon on Monday, April 3 to learn the song. We will supply you with the score and the lyrics, and you’ll be able to learn it there. Then, we’ll walk together up the hill to Hodges Library and sing in front of the North commons area at 1:00. We’ll get you back to your day just after one, feeling empowered and reminded that we are strong together. If you can come, please RSVP “yes” to so we can keep track of how much music to print, then be in the Tyson House Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry building by noon on April 3 so we can learn/review and be ready to sing. All voices, genders, and bodies welcome!
  • 2pm- Stripping Away Female Sexuality, I-House Community Room
    • This discussion will offer a reconstruction of the gendered structure of stripping, aiming to radically expand social views on strippers. Beginning with a presentation on the historical construction of stripping and strippers, including how labeling has been used as a form of control, this event will finish with a group dialogue around reconstructing the practice of stripping in the US.
  • 3:30pm- Crossroads: Identities Within Feminism, HSS 218
    • This primer on intersectional feminism will be led by Dr. Nora Berenstain.
  • 4:30pm- Gender EXPOSED: Gender 101, HSS 218
    • This primer on gender theory will be led by Dr. Misty Anderson.
  • 6pm- Liberate Me: Intersextionality/Sexual Liberation? At the Intersections of Gender, Sex, Race and Class, AMB 210
    • Guest speaker Ignacio Rivera will help us explore intersectional sexual liberation and why addressing gender, sex, race, and class oppression is an important part of sex-positivity. ***This event counts as a Becker Seminar for the Chancellor’s Honors Program***
  • 8pm- all of me, AMB 32
    • This piece by guest artist Ignacio Rivera is a mosaic performance art piece that explores identity, history, and life experience.

Tuesday, April 4:

  • 10am- Leveraging Privilege for Reproductive Health, Toyota Auditorium
    • This event, led by several local reproductive health advocates, will discuss how to address issues of reproductive health and intersectional feminism for our new era by leveraging our privilege. Our speakers will help illustrate the importance of recognizing environment, class, race, and other factors within the context of reproductive health and reproductive rights advocacy.
  • 11:30am- Abortion in TN, HSS 53A
    • Led by a local reproductive health advocate, this event will explore abortion in the Tennessee context, including its political and social factors.
  • 12:30pm- My Body, My Boundaries: Virginity, I-House Great Room
    • This event will explore virginity, both as a social construction and in its personal meanings, through a sex-positive lens with a focus on owning one’s sexual choices.
  • 3:30pm- Positively Positive: Loving, Living, and Thriving With An STI, Toyota Auditorium
    • This event, led by guest speaker Ashley Manta, will give students the tools to negotiate healthy, consensual, and pleasurable relationships when diagnosed with an STI. Enjoy a late lunch and join us for this difficult, but important conversation.
  • 5pm- Religion and Sexuality, AMB 210
    • An annual favorite, this year’s Religion and Sexuality panel will feature spiritual leaders from many faiths and denominations to explore how religion plays a role in sex, sexuality, and gender and vice versa.
  • 6:30pm- Having An Affair With Yourself, AMB 32
    • Led by guest speaker Ashley Manta, this powerful workshop and body confidence boot camp will give students the tools to feel emotionally, socially, and sexually empowered in their own bodies and experiences.
  • 8pm- Sex Educator Showdown, AMB 27
    • Sex Week at UT is thrilled to be bringing back not one, but two Sex Week veterans. Guest speakers Allison Moon and Reid Mihalko will be throwing it down in this no-holds-barred event, providing students with all the tips and tricks for pursuing healthy and pleasurable relationships that you could ever want.

Wednesday, April 5:

  • 11am- HIST 69: The History of Sex Week, HBB 132
    • Want to know more about our five years on campus? Want to know more about why you have to opt-in to student programming fees? Just want to learn what the heck Sex Week is all about? This event is for you.
  • 12:30pm- Pop, Pussies, and Politics: A Cross-Cultural (S)exploration, AMB 158
    • Through her own work on German artist Lady Bitch Ray and her book “Bitchsm: Emanzipation, Integration, Masturbation,” Dr. Maria Stehle will be exploring female sexuality, empowerment, and its intersections with religion, race, and sexuality in Germany.
  • 2pm- History of Rape and Resistance, HBB 102
    • Opening up a conversation about the historical contexts of sexual violence and the long history of resistance led by survivors, this event will be led by Drs. Lynn Sacco and Helene Sinnreich. ***This event counts as a Becker Seminar for the Chancellor’s Honors Program***
  • 4pm- Open Hearts, Open Minds: The Handbook for Open and Polyamorous Relationships, AMB 27
    • This primer on open relationships and polyamory will be led by guest speakers Allison Moon and Reid Mihalko and will address what makes polyamory workable, how to avoid the common pitfalls to open relationships, how to negotiate boundaries and agreements, and how to proceed responsibly into the world of non-monogamy.
  • 6pm- You Like That? Consent and Communication in the Bedroom, 32
    • In this engaging seminar, guest speaker Reid Mihalko will walk attendees through how communication skills can be your best asset in the bedroom. With pragmatic guidelines and frameworks, Reid will help us learn how talking about pleasure, boundaries, and safer sex can be not only second-nature but fun.
  • 7:30pm- I Am, I Was: Sexuality, Gender and Fluidity, AMB 210
    • Guest speaker Allison Moon will lead students through unpacking the various labels that people identify or are identified with when it comes to sexual orientation and gender identity. With an eye to how identities change throughout different stages of our lives and how we as individuals and as a community can help people to navigate these changes in inclusive and supportive ways, she will provide a compelling look into sexual and gender fluidity, identity politics, and how to create safer and more inclusive communities.

Thursday, April 6:

  • 11am- F*ing the Patriarchy, I-House Great Room
    • Are you worn out after these last few months of politics? Feeling stretched or conflicted by all the upheaval? At this event, explore how your identities, sexuality, and self care are tools of political resistance and activism.
  • 12pm- Title IX and the University, College of Law 132
    • Title IX is an increasingly contentious, but vitally important part of our experiences as college students. This panel will feature campus and community Title IX officials and experts who will help us explore how it impacts our university community and what changes might arise in this new political moment. ***This event counts as a Becker Seminar for the Chancellor’s Honors Program***
  • 1:30pm- Born This Way?, AMB 158
    • “Oh there ain’t no other way. Baby I was born this way.” Or were you? Join Dr. Patrick Grzanka in exploring the idea of sexuality and sexual orientation through the ‘born this way’ model.
  • 3pm- Ode to the Big O: Orgasm and Pop Music, HSS 71
    • This talk will discuss the ways in which the noise of the female orgasm is used within U.S. popular music. We will consider how it is employed differently by male and female artists and weather the sound is a tool of oppression or sexual liberation
  • 5pm- How’s Your Head? Mental Health and Sex, AMB 32
    • In this seminar, guest speaker JoEllen Notte will help attendees explore the complex intersections between two extremely taboo topics- mental health and sex, equipping us with better tools for promoting our physical, emotional, and mental sexual health.
  • 7pm- Playtime: Sex Toys, AMB 210
    • Guest speaker JoEllen Notte will be leading this workshop on sex toys: how to choose them, how to use them, and how to incorporate them into your sexual encounters in fun, pleasurable, and consensual ways. Not to mention there might be a few giveaways…
  • 9pm- Sex Week Drag Show, AMB Cox Auditorium
    • Year after year, Sex Week’s most popular event, this year’s Drag Show co-sponsored with VolOUT is sure to be a hit. Join us in Cox Auditorium to see fellow students strut their stuff on stage and to explore how drag culture challenges the rigid binary and expands beyond traditional gender roles

Friday, April 7:

  • 11am- Erotic Mormon Image, HSS 62
    • Polygamy? Piety? Pornography? Dr. Mary Campbell explores how Mormons and Mormon photography sought to rebrand and bring Mormonism into mainstream American society.
  • 11am- Be PRePared: HIV Prevention, I-House Community Room
    • This seminar, led by doctoral students Elliott DeVore and Trevor Dunn will further educate attendees about HIV and AIDS, PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), and PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis), disrupting commonly held myths about HIV/AIDS. The event will cover a brief overview of HIV (e.g., transmission), a condensed history of HIV treatment, and current statistics in the nation and in the Southeast U.S. (where rates of transmission are especially high), as well as exploring PrEP, the difference between it and PEP, who it is for, what it does/does not do, as well as practical information regarding where to get it in Knoxville/UT Campus, financial assistance through Gilead, and how to approach conversations about HIV/PrEP with doctors and sexual partners.
  • 12pm- Contraceptives 101, I-House Great Room
    • With a focus on reproductive justice, this event will explore the various options women and female-bodied people have with contraception and their effectiveness
  • 1pm- Living in a Toxic Culture: Empowerment Dialogue, I-House Great Room
    • This workshop, Sexual Empowerment in the Face of Toxic Masculinity, Rape Culture, and Slut Shaming, will be led by Rachel Carretta and Renee Mikorski of UT Psychology and will focus on educating folks of all sexual orientations about the environmental factors (such as toxic masculinity, rape culture, and slut shaming) that may impact how they view themselves as sexual beings. It will also explore how they can take back agency in their sex lives to make healthy and empowered choices around sex and their own bodies.
  • 2pm- Trans Bathroom Access, College of Law 132
    • This panel of legal experts, community activists, and affected persons will discuss movements to restrict bathroom access to trans and gender non-conforming folks from legal, political, social, and cultural angles.
  • 2pm- OutSpoken Workshop, HSS 123
    • In the tradition of the OutSpoken Program led by Sundress Academy for the Arts, this workshop will allow for open discussions about LGBTQ life in the South and brainstorming writing ideas. Facilitators Erin Elizabeth Smith and Adam Crandall will lead attendees in workshopping these pieces.
  • 5pm- Fluid, Gallery 1010
    • Our annual Gallery 1010 art show will look at ‘fluid’ and ‘fluidity’. This event is part of the monthly First Friday in downtown Knoxville.