October 1, 2022
How to find out if your wife is cheating

How to find out if your wife is cheating: 10 surefire ways

There are plenty of worries in a man’s life. He is busy providing for his family and taking responsibility for the safety of his loved ones. In the midst of all this, the study of female psychology seems silly and useless to him.

Wouldn’t you agree? Then it’s no wonder that your relationship is completely lacking in mutual understanding. After all, how else to explain the desire to find signs of adultery is not in the behavior of your woman, and somewhere on the Internet.

Fortunately, you are in luck. It is not necessary to have books on female psychology to understand the subtle changes in the behavior of the opposite sex. Just check the following signs of your wife’s behaviour.

1. Changes in mood

Changes in mood

You agree that when you are in a relationship, you are always aware of the latest happenings in your significant other’s life. You’re always sharing joys and worries, so recognising your spouse’s usual mood or behaviour is not a problem for you.

But what if, more and more often, you notice unexplained joy and liveliness on the part of the girl you love? Something is going on in her personal life, but she won’t say what it is.

There may be many reasons and explanations, but watch not for their presence, but the constancy of the elation.

Encounters with a lover create a real emotional storm, so regular unexplained joy is a good reason to keep a closer eye on your woman.

2. She is passive in sex

She is passive in sex

It is worth saying right away that some girls initially prefer to play a passive role, so pay attention to this sign only when there are sudden changes in their sex life.

A man plays different roles in a woman’s life, including that of lover. If this “position” is taken by another man, the sexual interest in her legitimate husband disappears.

Pay attention to the girl’s emotions in bed and how she feels about sex.

The lack of involvement, the clouds and outright boredom in her feigned moans and stares clearly indicate a problem, which may not necessarily be related to the lover.

3. She has taken more care of herself

She has taken more care of herself

New cosmetics, a major wardrobe change and the resumption of spa and beauty treatments – all of these must have a good reason. For example, the arrival of a new man in a girl’s life.

Women use their beauty to win a man’s heart. Think back to the beginning of your relationship and you will understand. But then what? You increasingly saw your spouse without makeup, and she wore heels once a month.

The sudden change in attitude towards her appearance suggests that the woman wants someone to like her. Did she get a new job? She got a new circle of friends? Neither?

Is the wife cheating? Not a fact, but if you have no logical explanation for her behaviour, you may well be witnessing the emergence of a new love triangle.

4. Her phone won’t calm down

Her phone won't calm down

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s like we become addicted to communication. We get butterflies in our stomachs from new messages, and our heart flutters with each new encounter. Of course, it’s motivating to send hundreds of messages a day.

The relentless sound of notifications can give away the presence of a lover in your girlfriend’s life, especially if this has never happened before. Further developments depend on what rules reign in your relationship.

Some couples freely use each other’s phones, access each other’s social media pages and can even scroll through correspondence. But there are also relationships where the personal remains private.

If you can’t independently verify the “innocence” of constant notifications, and your wife’s phone is password and fingerprint protected, we suggest watching her behavior and reactions to questions about these messages more closely.

5. She’s getting held up somewhere

She's getting held up somewhere

Each time, with a new excuse, your wife comes home later than usual. Like the other signs, delays at work or visiting a friend relate to a sudden change in your measured life.

If the woman does have a lover, try to break your pattern a couple of times in exactly the same way. Suddenly meet her in town or visit her at work at the end of the day.

See the excitement and concern in her look and words? Then she’s hiding something. Try to figure out what she does after work and whether she’s actually spending the evenings at a friend’s and not her new boyfriend’s.

6. She sleeps out at night

She sleeps out at night

Think back to your childhood: even back then, spending the night away from home was an unusual adventure, a little adventure. That’s because we are as unprotected as possible when we sleep, and so we try to spend our nights at home – in our comfort zone.

Now you understand that to spend the night away from home one must have a good reason or a strong desire. As children, we used to stay overnight at friends’ houses for movie marathons and parties, but in adulthood there is hardly any time for that.

To spend the night somewhere else, and more than once, you have to come up with a really good reason. But whatever it is, a woman’s absence from home at night is always a cause for concern. Don’t be lazy to make sure she’s sleeping exactly where she said she would.

7. She is too active in arguments

She is too active in arguments

Quarrels in relationships are inevitable, because no two people in the world have exactly the same view of the world around them. Curiously enough, each person behaves almost identically in conflict.

Think back to your quarrels: the same intonations, phrases and turns of phrase are heard. Even here, you can catch the personality of the person. But what if you stop recognizing your wife during the next showdown? How to understand the reason for such a change?

Raising the tone, insults and humiliation indicates that she has stopped thinking about the consequences of her words and actions. Why? Is it because she is planning to replace you with another man?

8. She is too passive in arguments

She is too passive in arguments

In fact, she simply has her hands down. During arguments, men and women stand up for their interests, but this only makes sense if they have somewhere to pursue these interests.

This is why conflict does not mean breaking up – it is just a way to improve one’s position in the relationship. By stopping to fight for her position and constantly agreeing to your terms, a girl can give a clear sign that your love for her is no longer interesting. Sudden indifference towards you is a wake-up call for a love union.

After getting a new and interesting toy, we forget the existence of the old one. It’s the same with relationships. She’ll just put up with your nagging and then leave you for someone elseā€¦

9. Suspicious calls

Suspicious calls

Your girlfriend probably takes more than one call a day. It could be girlfriends, colleagues – nothing unusual. Or is there something wrong?

You have to admit, it’s strange when your wife leaves the room to answer the phone. Why doesn’t she want you to hear who and what she is talking to?

Is the girl cheating? If she’s not preparing a present for your birthday and secret calls are bothering you more and more, it’s time to uncover your other half’s big secret.

10. You are no longer her hero

You are no longer her hero

The man a woman loves is always a hero and protector. Without this, love and a long-lasting relationship are impossible. The wife is admired and the husband creates reasons for admiration, enjoying being appreciated.

It doesn’t matter who is to blame for a woman who has stopped seeing you as a hero. What matters is that that role could have been filled by another man. A more sympathetic, generous, loving, considerate, gentle, strong – the kind of man you have never been.


How to find out if your wife is cheating? Take a lesson from each point. Cheating always has a reason that affects a woman’s behaviour. But the best thing you can do is not to look for signs of cheating at all, but to create conditions in which it is simply not possible.

Be a hero for women, be able to listen to her and understand, respect her wishes and do not forget that you are not the centre of the universe. Only then you will not have to worry about how to check your wife for adultery and fear possible betrayal from the man you love.

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