December 28, 2021

When a Guy Doesn’t Want to Sleep with You

Why? When a Guy Doesn’t Try to Sleep With You Meaning

Some women have a problem when it comes to men not wanting to sleep with them. It can actually be daunting both to their persona, their emotions, and their self-esteem. However, there are many reasons why a man may not want to sleep with a woman, and the problem isn’t them at all. Believe it or not, there are many men that can be simply too tired. But how can you tell when a man doesn’t want to sleep with you? Well let’s find out and see what the survey says!

Sometimes He Will Seem Physically Distant

Some men will distance themselves from their partners or you physically. This means that he may just be in a loner mood, or he’s a loner himself. However, if you are interested in someone, and they seem like they don’t want to sleep with you, they will completely stand feet away from you the entire time that they’re talking to you, not get close to you in your face, and not even touch you. However, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t always, and it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want you – it just means at that moment, he wants to be neutral with you and not be sexual at the moment.

Other Times He May Try To Avoid Emotional Contact

Sometimes when a man isn’t in the mood, he may end up trying to avoid any type of emotional discussion with you. Believe it or not, sometimes women think that a man likes arguments, but any argument that may bring up sexual urge will be a complete turnoff. However, if he keeps switching to a different topic when you’re trying to have an emotional conversation, he may not know that you’re wanting that, or sometimes depending on the topic, he simply doesn’t want to sleep with you at that moment, so he doesn’t want to send you any mixed signals.

He May Not Want to Be Alone With You

There’s one thing that’s for certain, if a man wants you, he’ll feel comfortable being alone with you. Just as you would with him. However, if he doesn’t want to be anywhere alone with you, or wants to make sure that you only talk to him in a public place, then he is comfortable with the fact that you are talking, but he may not be aroused at that time.

He May be Insecure

Some guys are just insecure. While it may seem strange that a man would be emotionally disturbed, it’s something that a man has in their bodies too – they can take love seriously and need to have that connection because making love is an emotionally intense time. If they’re not comfortable with things, or they have serious things that are disturbing them, then they may seem like they’re rejecting you – but they’re not. It’s hard for a man to voice his opinions on his own emotions sometimes, even though there are some out there who are masters of communication it seems. However, even they can get flustered at life sometimes, and they don’t want to do anything. This alone has left some women to cry themselves to sleep at night, but it doesn’t mean that he means to hurt your feelings. Sometimes, he’s just too emotionally insecure at that moment so you may need to sit back and wait for his apology. Once he’s done being emotionally insecure, he will more than likely apologize and everything will be fine.

You may hear guys joke about stories about when they argue with their women, then making up is the best part, etc. and further jokes. However, believe it or not, while this is true, a man doesn’t ALWAYS think about sex. A lot of times when an argument ensues, or there is a problem that deeply disturbs his emotions, he doesn’t want to sleep with anyone. Some men just want to be left alone, and believe it or not, sometimes if it’s deeply disturbing his mind enough, he’d much rather talk. After the fire has died down is when he may end up going ahead and being with you intimately, so don’t beat yourself up if he’s angry and doesn’t want to have sex with you when he’s angry.

Medical Issues Happen

Along with insecurity, there may be medical issues at play. From everything like erectile dysfunction, all the way to a simple injury. Sometimes if a man is in pain, they’re not in the mood. That’s actually normal with a lot of men – it’s not that they don’t want to make the sacrifice, it’s simply that when they are in some sort of physical pain, they can’t focus enough and let their second brain think for them. Sometimes, this alone can cause ED in some men, and they experience it and it causes further issues above – especially when a woman gets hurt because of his actions, and because he’s not sleeping with her. There is fortunately some medication out there, but this needs to be addressed because some men actually take offense to these sort of things, while it takes time to adjust to their manhood again.

He Doesn’t Want to Be a Player With You

Believe it or not, even if a man has been a player with other women, it doesn’t mean that he wants to be one with you. If a man doesn’t want to sleep with you, even if he has before, sometimes it means that he’s trying to be respectful and take time to get to know you slowly. If he sleeps with you often, or every time that you see him, but he doesn’t see you often, it may just mean that he doesn’t want to lead you on and play with your emotions or your mind anymore because he wants you to be strong.


Even though sometimes you think that a man doesn’t want to sleep with you that the problem may be with you, you might want to take time and sit back and look carefully at the situation. Maybe the problem isn’t with you, and maybe the problem is actually with him. Sometimes, it just means that if you wait, you’ll get what you want, and you should take your time and be patient. He’ll come around.

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