October 1, 2022
How To Get Your Girl To Do Anal

How To Get Your Girl To Do Anal Sex: The 6 Best Ways

It’s a hot topic today, and, as life experience shows, it is the most forbidden, but no less desirable, fruit for men. When the representatives of the stronger half of mankind set out to diversify sexual relations with his wife or girlfriend, what is the first thing that comes to mind, do you think? Penetration into the seductive ass, of course! And then the question arises as to how to talk the girl into anal sex, because many women find this topic unacceptable.

Statistically, half of all men place anal sex on a par with vaginal sex, not only for its sharpness of sensation, but also for the necessity of its presence in a couple’s intimate life. The reason for this is simple: the penis in the anus of the partner is actively stimulated, making the experience more intense and the discharge brighter. Another incentive for guys to love anal is a natural desire to dominate the female they like, and the penetration into such intimate area is a total power, because a girl is so defenseless in the moment of posterior coitus.

You should agree that being a dominant does not mean to think only about your own pleasure during sexual intercourse or to treat your partner’s body rudely. The more so, most women would like to end up in bed with a domineering man. And there are many of them, who would consent to anal, if their partner would be persistent in his desires. So let’s play on the natural tendency of ladies to obey. Men, pick up the “key” to your babe’s ass and learn to conquer dominant positions!

How to get a girl to do anal?

Girls are an emotional and impressionable people, hungry for attention, recognition and beautiful trinkets. Dear anal lovers, without these trappings and a beautifully crafted atmosphere, your cock won’t get what it longs for. You’ll have to strain and reproduce a unique entourage to set the madam in the right frame of mind. Sex, especially in the ass, does not only happen at the dictate of the penis and the opportunity of the here and now. Do you want anal, at least a simple half-lip anal? Try it.

Atmosphere and ambience

Constantly harping on about your desire for anal sex, coaxing, itching, blackmailing with cheating, throwing tantrums over another rejection – pass it by. You’ll soon be over even your vaginal pleasures, because this behaviour is asexual. This is not a male and not a strong male dominant! This is the way wimps behave. If you are stronger than a ladybird psychologically, prove it with action. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be trickier, even for a man.

A mood of the partner will be corrected by the right environment: beautiful bed linen, clean house, champagne, chocolates, flowers. You can take a bubble bath, give your girl a massage, talk frankly about your fears, etc. If you warm the chick up properly, you’re unlikely to get a rejection. Catch up on the tips next, and anal sex with your lover will become a reality.

A bit of hardcore and romance

Here we are talking about playing on the contrast of your beloved’s emotions. Do something unexpected for her, combining it with a romantic setting. Act in a way that is not expected of you at all. Unusual actions create the effect of novelty and suddenness, which strikes the ladies to the core. And that’s not a bad incentive to turn a classic night of lovemaking into a little anal (for the first time). What does it look like?

Suppose you’re not a fan of expressing emotions verbally. Do you want to kick her in the ass? Learn to rhyme in advance. When you scratch her ear, whisper your feelings in a way that even Alexander Sergeyevich couldn’t. Just don’t overdo it – it should look natural. A sweet kiss on the lips, seasoned with a light grab of her hair … Gentle stroking of the legs … Lightly squeeze her breasts … Tell her how sexy and attractive this night. Just don’t get all corny about the pretty eyes – it makes everyone sick. Come up with something original. Your frankness and odes to her attractiveness can end with an affectionate “I want to take you right now”.

Breaking stereotypes in a confidential conversation

More often than not, a girl refuses anal pleasures because of stereotypes or negative experiences in the past. These need to be broken. How, you ask? Easily! Without aggressive “stop making up crap” attacks, but in a gentle way. The best helper is a friendly chat, where you run through all her fears about anal penetration.

Reasons why a girl refuses anal sex

What do girls usually think about anal sex? Painful, dirty, harmful, perverted, vulgar, indecent, etc. Find out the reason for these epithets towards anal sex:

  • She was in pain with a past partner, but he didn’t stop;
  • Maybe doesn’t want to do an enema (not pleasant, really);
  • Is afraid of getting manure all over you because she shat on the sheets last time;
  • I’m sure she’ll look like a slut in your eyes afterwards, etc.

You never know what’s going on inside her head. Find out. Afterwards, convince your future anal interloper of the opposite. Tell her in detail about how you are going to have anal sex with her for the first time, allay her doubts about injury and violent acts. Reassure her of your adequacy and ability to slow down any time she asks for it. Create an image of an anal professor in her eyes.

If, after the verbal treatment, the tower has given a lurch, then the attack is not in vain! Proceed further in the same manner and incline the pussy to anal.

Playing on women’s curiosity

A woman’s curiosity knows no bounds! That’s where the game is played out. Tell her a trilogy about anal stimulators and intimate toys in general. Promise to buy the highest quality ones, the ones that will make her experience vaginal orgasm more than once, as well as squirt and pass out from pleasure. If the evening X has already arrived, get the arsenal prepared in advance, so the young lady sees and understands – you are clearly planning to continue the banquet. This will help her tune in to sex and anal biorhythms. What’s out there that will come in handy, what auxiliary stuff?

  • Anal lubricant;
  • candles and condoms (if you use them);
  • Sex toys to stimulate the anus;
  • Intimate cosmetics – massage oils, creams, lotions, pheromone perfumes and other bling if desired.

Harmony in relationships and help in the home

This section is suitable for people who are married. If you are a husband and want to persuade your wife to have anal sex, consider some aspects of your domestic life. A wife who is busy with children and everyday problems is unlikely to be so cooperative. If you want to persuade her to have anal sex, help out around the house and with the kids – do their homework, take them for a walk, take them to an educational class. Don’t pretend to be nothing and don’t sprawl out on the surface of the couch! Let your spouse take a break at this point and get on with the job of putting the place in order. A hunted horse is not capable of night races, especially backwards – remember this!

Harmony in the relationship is able to bring sex to the peak of emotion, when the woman herself rushes to innovation and change. If you are used to only taking, you will soon stop giving, and not only in bed. Think about it, dear anal fantasists.

No aggression

Once again, if you want to get a woman to do anal, do it without aggression. It’s hard to get a man to do something he doesn’t want to do. In the intimate sphere it’s no use at all, especially to get a woman to have sex with you in the ass. It’s a dead end! Under no circumstances do we practice the tactic of “kicking up to the tomatoes”! First of all, that’s violence. Secondly, you might end up with no tomatoes and a trunk. And she’ll be right. Gentleness, affection, patience, tactfulness – that’s your nightly menu for cradling your anal joys.

How to suggest anal sex: foreplay and arousal

For any woman, the issue of anal sex is not an easy one to solve. To penetrate the anus of a woman who has had negative experiences is a strategically and technically difficult task. Where do you start physically to talk a girl into anal sex? It seems that psychologically we have already prepared her. Remember, each woman has her own level of sensitivity to anal caressing. The foreplay as a whole depends on your partner’s consent to a spicy continuation.

Exploring the girl you love

A man needs to find out if his lover is even ready for anal sex. Start by gently caressing her bottom while she warms up before regular intercourse. Observe her reaction when you touch the space between her buttocks with your finger. Just don’t immediately stick your whole hand into the coveted spot, and don’t ask for “just once”. Just touch the spot. Suggest that she relax her gluteal muscles if you feel any tension. Promise that you won’t go any further without her consent.

Proceed gently and gradually. The next step on the way to anal penetration is to gently touch the “ring” at the entrance with your fingers. Your girlfriend is relaxed and rolled over on her stomach? So, she doesn’t mind continuing the daring intimate experiment any further. Be determined, but not pushy.

Keep in mind, if you have an anal virgin in front of you, treat her just as gently as a vaginal one. The first experience of anal depends on her future attitude towards this kind of intimacy. You can only persuade a woman to have anal sex without causing her great pain if she is fully aroused. Anal toys, proper stimulation and proper lubrication can help.

You can tell when she’s ready for anal sex by her heartbeat, deep breathing, swollen labia and enlarged clitoris. Moisten your finger with her vaginal lubricant and slide it from pussy to anus, a gesture that lets her know you want something other than vaginal penetration tonight. She has 10 seconds to think about it.

How to Safely Stretch Your Anus for Anal Sex

Then it’s up to the woman. If there are no obvious objections to anal sex, she will not oppose it. Continue with the plan.

  • Before penetrating your penis into the cherished cave, remember to develop the entrance. Insert with your finger or a small stimulator, making a slight forward movement of just 1-2 cm. Don’t accentuate the “poke, poke, poke” back and forth. The pleasure during anal is the feeling of fullness of the rectum, not the movement of the ‘train on rails’.
  • Even if the woman likes it, don’t insert a second finger straight away – let her get used to the sensation. Don’t forget to use lubricant to moisten the anus, otherwise she will be in a lot of pain. Don’t spare any artificial lubricant, because you can’t get it in the ass like you can in the vagina.
  • You won’t be able to completely avoid unpleasant feelings the first time, but an experienced lover can minimise the painful effect. This is done by maximising the arousal of the partner when the man stimulates the anus and the clitoris at the same time.
  • Another option for painless ass penetration is a powerful vaginal orgasm beforehand, relaxing the girl and her crotch. It is at this point that the introduction of the penis into the anus will be safe.
  • Don’t go all the way in the first time! You shouldn’t do this the next couple of times either. Guys, pain is pain, especially with a dignity of 12cm or more. Take a waiting position – let him get used to it. If they will only let you in the hallway, we will politely stomp on it.

If your lover has agreed to have anal sex, then the man has done everything right. What should you do if your girlfriend completely rejects all anal caressing and attempts to insert a penis into her ass, despite all the tricks and tenderness? The answer is one – nothing. A woman’s categorical attitude on this issue will reduce all your efforts to futile expectations. The final decision is still up to her. The man’s task is different: he must convince his “unassailable fortress” that she will enjoy anal sex and provoke her to take the initiative.

What not to forget when trying to talk a girl into anal sex

These tips will come in handy for guys to be more confident when coaxing anal sucking.

  • We honour and love her ass in every way possible: kissing, stroking, caressing, massaging it with our fingers, gently calling it by some funny words.
  • Try anilingus and licking her sweet arse like a lollipop on a stick. This is one of the most effective ways to get your anus under pressure. Many girls enjoy licking the hole with their tongue just as much as they enjoy a good quality cunny to stimulate the clitoris.
  • We use protection equipment to convince the girl that anal sex is completely safe for her health. Don’t forget your own, by the way. A condom will keep your urethra free from intestinal infections, which can easily be passed on to your girl when you switch from anal to vaginal.

Choosing the right Position

When proposing anal sex, decide on a position. A “man from behind” with a partner in a lap and elbow position is a good choice for the first time. You can also use “woman on top”, “on her side”, or something new for later practice – it all depends on how you feel with her.

It is realistic to persuade a woman to have anal sex, with a competent approach, because females by nature love to obey and surrender to their strong man wholeheartedly. Use this psychological peculiarity to master your beloved’s body by 1000%.

Do you want to discuss the topic of anal sex, do you still have questions or, conversely, have additions? Feel free to write comments – there is no censorship! Girls, join the discussion, because no one better than you will not tell how to talk a woman to anal sex. Let us help men cope with such a difficult task!

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