October 1, 2022
How To Arouse A Girl While Hugging

How To Arouse A Girl While Hugging

If you are not aware of certain unspoken rules about hugging the opposite sex, the following tips will help you shed some light on how to hug a girl to turn her on.

Think about it: approaching a girl with your arms wide open could be perceived either as a sign of affection, if done correctly, or as a form of sexual harassment, if a thoughtless gesture is made.

So before the girl ends up in your arms, it is advisable to clarify a few things for yourself if you don’t want the romantic act you are planning to do to be interpreted as something indecent.

Tips for hugging a girl

Tips for hugging a girl

1. Girls are wary when it comes to hugs

While guys rarely object to an unexpected hug from a girl, women tend to be more jealous of their personal space and negative to belligerent attempts at physical contact.

2. Think about what kind of relationship you have with your girlfriend

Are you close? If so, how close are you? As childhood friends who have known each other for more than ten years? Do you have an established romantic relationship? Have you had a romantic relationship before? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before hugging a girl.

3. Capture non-verbal signs

The girl’s relaxed, open posture is a good sign that it’s a sin not to take advantage of. However, if her body language is characterised by closure (e.g. crossed arms) and the girl maintains a distance between you, it’s best to back off for now.

4. Assess the appropriateness of the hug

A hug is an intimate form of physical contact that acts as a sign of affection, friendliness, closeness or support. Unless the context of the situation clearly requires it, the urge to hug a girl is best left for later.

5. The girl’s consent is a must

It takes 60% of the man’s effort to hug the girl, and the other 40% is at the mercy of the girl, who makes the receiving gesture.

Real life is not like the South Korean drama where the protagonist hugs tightly, does not let go and pulls the woman, who is all in tears trying to get away.

Such tactics could lead to a slap or physical resistance to get away from you.

6. Keep an eye on your hands

Consider the nature of your relationship with the girl and try to touch only neutral parts of her body with your hands.

A soothing pat on the back or a gentle touch on the shoulder to soothe a crying girl may be perfectly appropriate, but physical contact beyond her lower back will easily cause extreme female frustration.

7. Remember hygiene

You shouldn’t try to hug a girl after going to the gym or going for a perfect run if you haven’t showered.

8. Take into account the duration of the hug

Generally, long hugs are meant for people who have a more intimate relationship with you. Short, friendly hugs are meant for more spontaneous situations.

It’s not a good idea to give a long hug to a girl you’ve just met.

To get a better sense of how to hug a girl, let her control the length of the hug if you are unsure of its optimum duration. As soon as you feel the girl’s hands slipping off your back, do the same.

9. Prepare the girl for your embrace

If you ask a girl out on a first date, start touching her before you start hugging her: take and hold her hand while she walks or invite her to hold your hand, pat her gently on the shoulder while you talk, put your hand on her waist while walking through a blooming park.

When the girl gets used to you and to this kind of informal communication, a hug will become a perfectly natural form of continuing your date, which you can resort to without even waiting for the moment of goodbye.

A friendly hug

A friendly hug

A friendly hug is for friends, family members, acquaintances with whom you have established a close relationship, or even strangers to whom you simply choose to convey your emotional state. These are the most harmless hugs.

1. One-handed hug

This is the least intimate kind of hug, where you place your hand on the girl’s shoulder, pressing your body slightly against her body.

2. Lateral hug

You hug the girl with both arms without facing her, which is like a bear hug.

The girl, however, cannot hug you back.

3. A comfortable embrace

This is a type of hug designed to be used for those moments when the girl has decided to cry and needs the feeling of comfort that your strong shoulder can provide.

You place one hand behind the girl’s head and the other on her back. The girl’s hands are also likely to be behind your back.

An intimate embrace

An intimate embrace

Intimate hugs are for people who have a special meaning for you. As the name implies, they are more intimate and are characterised by a lot of physical contact with your body.

Applies to a girl with whom you’ve already established a close contact, a girl you’ve been dating for a long time, or your spouse.

1. Full embrace

Somewhat reminiscent of a comfort hug, but with both hands pressed tightly together and bold positions of the hands themselves.

With one hand you touch the girl’s neck, while your other hand rests on her waist. The girl does the same, creating a mirror effect.

2. Slow dance style embrace

Just as you hug a girl during a slow dance, this kind of hug is very romantic and enjoyable.

The girl hugs your neck and you place your arms around her waist.

This hug is great for both talking while dancing and making a kiss.

3. Hug from the back

Usually used to create an effect of surprise and spontaneity. You approach the girl from behind and hug her with both arms around the waist, then press her body close to yours.

A hug is one of the most intimate physical gestures you can give a girl as a sign of affection. And if you know how to hug a girl with her wishes in mind, she becomes able to express her feelings in the warmest and most sincere way.

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