October 1, 2022
5 signs he loves you when making love

The 5 Signs he loves you when making love

For you, there’s nothing like passionate sex with a partner, but is it mutual? You can easily find the answer to this question by reading our article!

Sex is important in relationships – and that’s why it sometimes becomes a source of uncertainty, problems and dissatisfaction. A 2015 study by an online dating agency, for example, found that 43 per cent of the 10,000 respondents were not satisfied with their sex life A similar picture emerges for people over 30 in relationships: of these, only 53 per cent of women and 46 per cent of men described themselves as sexually satisfied.

After such statistics, it is not surprising to ask the question: does the partner enjoy our sex life? One way of answering it is to look at his behaviour. Of course, the signs mentioned in our article are no guarantee that you won’t have to work on your sex life at some point. But at least there is a good chance that your partner is currently quite happy with sex!

1. It initiates sexual intercourse

Who initiated the last sex? From you or from him? This question is much more important in the context of sexual satisfaction than the frequency of intercourse. Because even if you have slept together every day: if at least one of you does not feel like having sex, but agrees to it, this leads to disappointment. However, if your partner takes the initiative or responds positively to your desire, this demonstrates their interest in having sex with you. And that can only be if he loves sex with you!

2. He’s open to… everything!

Sexual experimentation has long ceased to be taboo, especially in long-term partnerships. After all, spending time together and trust creates the right conditions for fulfilling desires and fantasies. Is your partner receptive to your wishes? You easily try new things? Is he open to experimentation? If you can answer “yes” to all these questions, it means that he wants to experience something new with you, just like you, because he enjoys sex with you!

3. No need to talk about sex

You don’t talk about sex? Then it definitely indicates that there is no reason to make it a topic of conversation, because everyone involved is satisfied. However, if sex suddenly becomes a topical issue in discussions, this indicates a need for clarification, which in turn indicates dissatisfaction.

4. He willingly gives affection

No, we are not talking here about hormones, the effects of which ensure that women like to cuddle after sex and men fall asleep. Rather, this point refers to the following: if sex is used solely for gratification and there is no tenderness outside of it, this indicates a lack of desire for intimacy and perhaps real feelings. Does your partner like to cuddle and kiss just like that and during sex? Then he seems to enjoy sex with you, and it is not just a desire for satisfaction.

5. He takes his time

Let’s face it: between children, work and everyday problems, there is often little time left for long lovemaking sessions. And yet they should be high on the list of priorities. Of course, if both partners really enjoy sex. Example: a man who prefers to spend every Saturday night in a bar instead of spending time on bodily contact with his beloved is simply not interested in it. Conversely, if he’s planning a weekend getaway with you, he’s probably crazy about sex with you. According to all the theoretical principles of the social sciences, people do what-ifs only if they can get the most out of it.

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