December 28, 2021

Pjur Eros Lube Review

The Pjur Eros Original Bodyglide Lubricant is a silicone lubricant that’s very popular among lube users.  As a silicone lubricant, it is safe for use with condoms and many types of toys, but shouldn’t be used with silicone toys, as it can damage them.  This is a relatively versatile lube with many strong pros and a few (but to some, important) cons. Here’s our take on it.


Eros lube is wildly popular and it’s easy to see why, despite being a relatively pricier option, even for a silicone lube. It’s famous for how long it lasts, and the fact that it can double as a massage lotion. It’s a very resilient lubricant, which means it is a great choice for a variety of different situations. It’s persistent enough to be enjoyed in the hot tub, shower, or pool, for example. It’s also slippery enough and has a long enough duration to be suitable for anal play. The lack of flavor and scent means it’s also a great facilitator for oral fun time as well.  There’s not much this lube isn’t good for, with the obvious caveat of being unsuitable for use with silicone toys.

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The major con when it comes to Eros lube is the mess factor.  The lid of the product packaging isn’t particularly well designed which seems to lead, inevitably, to lube ending up on the outside of the bottle. That in turn, makes the bottle slippery, which further enables spillage.  Also, Pjur is relatively thin despite being so long lasting and slick. While many people prefer that, it does lead to difficulty keeping it in one place—and if it does get out of hand, Eros has a tendency to stain sheets.  Some sources suggest that Oxiclean may be effective at addressing this, but we haven’t put that to the test ourselves.


This is a great all-around silicone lube. If you’re looking for a lube that isn’t intended for use with silicone accessories, and you’re willing to be very careful when it comes to making a mess on the sheets, Eros lube could make some of your (and your lover’s!) sexy dreams come true. If, however, you like to let loose with the lube and don’t care to be conscientious about your linens, you might be better off choosing something different.

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