December 28, 2021

Astroglide Lube Review

Astroglide personal lubricant is many couples’ (and individuals!) first foray into personal lubricant thanks to its wide availability at drugstores and other mainstream retailers. This version is a water-based lube that’s compatible with all condoms, including latex, toys, personal play, and play with a partner.


Silky and slippery, there’s nothing to complain about with Astroglide’s texture, at least upon initial application. It boasts a new thicker formula, and indeed, it’s nearly gel-like, making it more suitable than ever for more types of intimate recreation. It’s still scentless and flavorless, which most people consider a plus, as well. Considering the price (which is well below that of many specialties lubes) and the fact that it’s water-based, Astroglide lube is also fairly long lasting.

The packaging is convenient, with an ergonomically shaped bottle that’s easy to hold, and a flip top that’s simple to open and close even one-handed. Another plus which has less to do with performance: Astroglide is easy to get a hold of last minute since it’s available at many mainstream retail outlets—just in case you don’t have time to order something else.


The biggest problem with Astroglide is that bane of personal lubricants, stickiness. Whatever the company did in developing its new, thicker formula also gave the lubricant a tendency to become sticky. Not only does it get sticky, but it also gets stringy. While some people don’t mind this, others find it to be a major turn off.

Another issue with this lube, it won’t bother everyone, but it’ll make a big difference to some: it contains glycerin and parabens. While many water-based lubes still contain glycerin, it can cause irritation and even hygiene complications for some women. And most tops of the line lubricants are phasing out the use of parabens due to concerns about whether or not these preservatives represent a health risk.


Astroglide is an affordable and readily available personal lubricant that many people find to be serviceable due to its trademark slippery texture and its new, thicker, gel-like formula that makes this lube even more versatile than before. However, if you have a strong aversion to lubricants that get sticky or develop a stringy texture, or if you’re concerned about glycerin and paraben as ingredients, you’re better off with a different lube.

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