December 28, 2021

Astroglide vs K-Y Lubricant Comparison Review

KY vs Astroglide – Personal Lube Comparison

When you’re shopping around for a new lube, it seems like every single one makes similar promises. You won’t get very far just reading labels if you want to know how one lube stacks up against another. Astroglide and K-Y Lubricant are two of the most popular lubes, in part because they’re usually available at mainstream retailers. But which one should you choose? Even drugstore lubes aren’t cheap, so it’s a good idea for your wallet to make an informed choice. We’ve compared the two for you.

Astroglide Overview

Silky, slippery, and now in a new, thicker formula, Astroglide has been a favorite personal lubricant for decades. The thicker formula makes this water-based lubricant right between a liquid and gel choice—great for someone who can’t make up their mind, or needs something versatile!

K-Y Personal Lubricant Overview

K-Y personal lubricant jelly is an extra-thick water-based formulation that stays where it’s put. Doctors recommend it, and many people have enjoyed its slick texture since its invention over a hundred years ago. Of course, the company has made a few improvements since then.


Astroglide and KY are equal in many ways. Both have a luxuriously soft, silken texture that’s perfect for reducing friction. Both are clear and non-staining (usually—of course, test discreetly if necessary!). And both come in convenient packaging that is easy to access during playtime and unlikely to spill. Here’s where they’re different.

Astroglide’s new thicker formulation might be great for a more versatile lubricant, but it seems to have resulted in the lube turning sticky and stringy after extended use. Applying more does do the trick, but some people understandably find the stickiness and stringiness to be a major turn off. KY doesn’t have this problem.

But it does have another problem: it dries out much more quickly than Astroglide, so you’ll have to reapply much more frequently. It also has an unpleasantly stronger scent than Astroglide and an equally unpleasant stronger flavor.


In terms of performance, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether drying out, or stickiness is less appealing, or whether or not the more frequent application is a reasonable price to pay for a lubricant that’s not getting gummy and stringy.

If you’re planning on oral fun, however, Astroglide is the clear winner, thanks to the lack of offensive scents or flavors. While KY’s scent isn’t strong enough to be noticeable during some activities, it’s nothing you want to get up close and personal with.

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