3-6 =/= 7-9

By: A UTK Sophomore

So I found this chart today that displays the average penis sizes from people of different countries.

Take a look at it for yourself here, if you’d like:

The sizes range from the high end of 3 inches to the high end of 6 inches. According to the website that posted this chart, the international average is around 5.5 inches, and only 3% of men worldwide have penises larger than 8 inches.

I guess with that in mind, my question is this: why do we feel so compelled to lie about penis sizes? I don’t mean just men–we all know at least one girl who brags about her boyfriend’s ginormous cock, but statistics show she’s 99% bullshitting.

So if the average man is sporting a dick that’s somewhere between 4-6, why is it so normal for us to expect average joe to be packing an above average boner?

I wonder if this is also something that occurs with women’s bodies, too.

Do people expect women to have the hairless bubblegum pink, soft-shell taco of a vulva so often featured in porn? Do people lie about the size of their partner’s labia or clitoris?

I’ve rambled a bit here, but I guess the point I want to make is that people’s expectations of genitals seem to be rooted more in porn and fantasy than in reality, and that’s honestly pretty fucked up.

I’m ready for us to start celebrating the reality of our bodies and stop feeling ashamed of our uniqueness.