Cole Tipton : Co-Chair

Cole Tipton


Cole is a sophomore majoring in sociology and women's, gender, and sexuality studies. When not researching intersectional, radical feminist witchcraft for their thesis, they is planning their next drag performance. Cole hopes to one day hold membership with the American Institute of Floral Designers.

Megan Henley : Co-Chair

Megan Henley


Megan is a junior majoring in Sociology with a criminology concentration as well as a Spanish minor. She hopes to become a lawyer in either criminal defense or environmental law. At UT, she is also a member of two honor societies and works as the Athletics Outreach Coordinator for UT Recycling. When not bringing up the prison industrial complex at your local campus POD market, her other interests include Frida Kahlo, anything outdoors, Coke Zero, and astrology.

Molly Vermillion : Chief of Staff

Molly Vermillion

Chief of Staff

Molly Vermillion is a Junior advertising major with minors in business and political science, who hopes to one day conquer the world. If she can’t conquer the WHOLE world, she’ll settle for at least a small region of it. When not promoting healthy and positive sexual relationships among her peers, Molly enjoys annoying her close friends about queer female relationships on TV, arguing about diverse social justice issues on Facebook, and crying into some form of pasta about all the homework she has due. Molly loves SEAT and everything it stands for and she hopes you do too!

Andy Renison : External Affairs Coordinator

Andy Renison

External Affairs Coordinator

Andy is a senior in women, gender, and sexuality studies with a minor in public health who aspires to be a radical doula, sex educator, and parent to at least 2 dogs and maybe also a raccoon. They spend a lot of time worrying about things beyond their control and thinking about reproductive justice. When not thinking about how to end abstinence only education in public schools and eradicate sexual shame, their interests include crocheting lumpy scarves, writing things in their planner and never looking at it, Judith Butler, podcasts, and being the world’s slowest bike rider.

Sydney Peay : Social Media Manager

Sydney Peay

Social Media Manager

Sydney Peay is a freshman Haslam Scholar studying sociology and women, gender, and sexuality. They hope to one day live on a goat farm with their future wife, fulfilling their desire to literally live in Stardew Valley. When they aren't meticulously organizing their planner, their hobbies include drawing and crocheting, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and blogging about Jane the Virgin.

Melissa Lozano Lykes : Graphic Design Manager

Melissa Lozano Lykes

Graphic Design Manager

Melissa is a first year studying architecture. She aspires to either start an architecture firm or become a professor. When she isn't stuck in studio, she enjoys studying in Hodges, knitting, crocheting, and watching the same three shows over again on Netflix. All of her other time is spent crying to Disney movies, sleeping or drinking too much coffee in lieu of sleeping.

Fiona Martin : General Board Member

Fiona Martin

General Board Member

Fiona Martin is a Junior in Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies. She plans on donating her consciousness to the pursuit of constructing a more human artificial intelligence, but while science is getting those gears spinning, she will probably work for a nonprofit around reproductive justice, or continue into an academia hellhole forever, thus fulfilling the pact sealed long before she was born.

Oumar Diallo : General Board Member

Oumar Diallo

General Board Member

A sophomore Haslam Scholar majoring in Computer Science, Oumar currently has too much time on his hands and always finds himself wondering about the different ‘what ifs’ of life. A self-described eternal student, Oumar estimates that he will change his major and plans for life at least three more times before graduating, but he figures that college is for exploring and defining yourself anyways. When he isn’t thinking about how low his bank account is getting, he explores, learns, and most importantly, has fun.

Ash Koszarek : General Board Member

Ash Koszarek

General Board Member

Ash is a sophomore currently studying communication studies with a minor in journalism. When life isn't all free comprehensive sex education and rock n roll, they are an aspiring author and enthusiast of all things weird and wonderful. Still residing in the depths of 2006, you can often find them headbanging to Paramore, getting into fights with grown men, and dyeing their hair.

Mykaela Tackett : General Board Member

Mykaela Tackett

General Board Member

Mykaela (or Myk) is a second-year student studying Microbiology and Asian Studies. She has a leopard gecko in Knoxville, but is actually more of a cat person. She loves Stranger Things, Steven King's IT!, Star Trek, Rooster Teeth, and Fall Out Boy. She's most likely to be found wandering around the Kingston Pike Aldi or camping out at Hodges.

Ian Warren : General Board Member

Ian Warren

General Board Member

Ian Warren is a sophomore in the psychology honors program. He is also on the Pre-med track and aspiring for a minor in Japanese and Biology. He loves to cook and play his favorite children's card game, Magic: The Gathering. His ideal career is psychiatry which would mean going through the obstacle course that is getting into med-school. Mental health is very important to him and aspires to make a difference in the field. He (I) also runs and edits the website.